At Carolina Macula & Retina, your health and safety is our top priority.  Please rest assured that our staff are taking every additional precaution we can to ensure that our office is a clean and safe space for ALL of our patients to continue to receive medical care during this time. 

Here are some of the things we are continuing to implement during this time to keep you and your loved ones safe:

Screening Patients Thoroughly - We are being proactive about screening all patients to determine who may be at risk of having or may have been exposed to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  If a patient calls or visits our office and is found to be at high risk, we are ensuring that those patients get the help and care they need outside of our office from their primary care physicians. We are also monitoring temperatures of all staff and patients seen in office to detect possible infection early and eliminate exposure risk to all. 

Spreading Out Patient Appointments - Our staff is decreasing the amount of patients seen in a day to keep overall persons within building to a minimum. We are also using this time to ensure every surface and piece of equipment is getting properly sanitized in between patients being seen.

Telemedicine Visits - When appropriate, we are doing our best to schedule Telemedicine Visits to keep person to person contact to a minimum within our practice.

All Staff Members Are To Wear Surgical/Isolation Masks When They Are In Facility -  As we continue to see COVID-19 spread throughout our local community, we have decided to take an extra precaution by requiring all staff members to wear surgical/isolation masks when in facility and/or interacting with patients or other staff members. We want to do everything on our part to help flatten the curve while still being able to help treat our patients to the best of our ability, so we will gladly incorporate this precaution as long as necessary.

Decreased Amount Of Staff Members In Office - Each staff member is also screened on a daily basis to reduce any possible risk of exposing one another or any patients to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have also spread out our staff member's hours to keep overall persons within office to a minimum  and have allowed them to take any time at home they feel necessary to minimize themselves from possible exposure.

Our office will continue to be a safe and clean place for you to receive the medical care you need. 

As always, please call our office at (843) 724-3456 with any questions you may have regarding your health care. 

Thank you.